Bouvy Enkebo

Born in Kinshasa in 1981, the artist Bouvy Enkobo is a visual artist, graduated (bachelor) from ESFORA School of Arts in Kinshasa, where he lives and works.
Bouvy Enkobo grew up in art world and has been passioned about drawing since his childhood. At 12 he started selling postcards he made. He is part of the generational conflict between the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa and "the new wave" of artist and chooses to pursue his career alone. His innovative approach both in terms of technique, colors and themes addressed gives him a fast recognition. At only 25, his resume was already rich with several exhibitions in the DRC and abroad.

In his works, the artist wants to account for the elusive and fugitive profiles that coexist in large cities: time and human intelligence are intertwined. Modern world expansion and evolution are taking place with no regard to individuals, and sometimes to their detriment. Individuals are drowned in the mass, standardized; there is no longer any possibility of differentiating them.
Bouvy represents the left-behind and the marginalized of society, in the form of stricken and prostrate characters. Within these heterogeneous architectural complexes that are the big cities, the “average Joe” feels like a stranger. Human inventions, construction cranes and machines lead to ruthless race to an uncertain future.

Source: https://afikaris.com/collections/bouvy-enkobo

Bouvy Enkebo

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