John Baptist Ssekubulwa

John Baptist Ssekubulwa

Born in Kampala in 1990, Ssekubulwa studied art at Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Art specializing in anatomy drawing, graphic design and painting.

Ssekubulwa’s art is conceptual with an edgy expression of the inner-self that was inspired out of boredom to routinely draw wildlife images.  Typical of his now experimental undertakings, the artist produces art that examines the ongoing political- social affairs that fit appropriately within the global context while referencing the past and present. In his art, the artist is eager to show that the past and present are identical. The present rise in nationalism, racism and slavery that all existed before, are today replicated although with a glaring insensitivity of the international media and some of the continental or global cooperation agencies.

The brain is a recurring motif in his current artworks that figuratively represents the communities that take part in these experiences either as victims or villains of these atrocities.  Yet the brain is central in the choices or decisions these communities make that consequently affect them. In light of such metaphorical appropriation, Ssekubulwa is a humanist who is concerned with bringing order to systems that have been decimated by greedy and selfish characters.

Ssekubulwa has exhibited at ARCO Lisbon Art fair 2019, Solo show at Afriart Galery Kampala in 2019, participated in 2018 Kampala art biennale  - curated by Simon Njami, 2017 ‘Surfaces’ conceptual workshop and exhibition at Afriart Gallery - mentored by Henry ‘Mzili’ Mujunga, 2017 Residency at 32degrees East - Uganda arts trust, Kampala, Uganda.

Source: https://www.afriartgallery.org/artists/sanaa-gateja/

 John Baptist Ssekubulwa

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