Marion Boehm

Marion Boehm was born in 1964 in Duisburg, Germany. She lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Marion Boehm studied Design with a major focus on design and graphic design at FH Darmstadt, Germany. She moved to South Africa in 2010. Since relocating, she has spent a great deal of time engaging with members of South African society.

In Johannesburg she began her artistic career in creating her unique magnificent collages. Her work focuses on social, economic, and cultural matters on the African continent. 

Marion Boehm has often been impressed by  the silent and unpretentious beauty and strength found in African women. In her work she addresses and examines the interfaces and relationships between African and western cultures in history until nowadays. In this context women’s rights play a special role. Her themes relate to personal experiences and are reflected in her different series. Marion’s work is an impressive combination of artistic integrity, conceptual vision, and aesthetic beauty.

Marion Boehm ́s work has been collected internationally and was included in exhibitions and art fairs in South Africa, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Morocco, Portugal, Luxemburg, Switzerland and The United States.

Source: https://www.artco-art.com/artists/39-marion-boehm/biography/


Marion Boehm

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