Thami Jali

Jali was born Durban. He is a painter, sculptor and a graphic artist who studied at the Rorke’s Drift Art Centre, 1981-1982. 


He studied ceramics at the Natal Technikon, 1983-84. He is a founder of Art Communications, 1983-84.


He has participated in several group exhibitions in SA and in Swaziland. In 1982 he was awarded First Prize in Sculpture at the Festival of African Arts, University of Zululand, for his wood sculpture, Mama (Birth), which is represented on this exhibition (cat. 15). He is a Trustee of Community Mural Projects, Cultural Trust, a Durban based company. 


In 1990 he went to the Institute of Contemporary Art, London, to take part in the Zabalaza Festival. At present he is working in Nelspruit, Mpumulanga Province, in a studio where he trains people in ceramics. This enterprise is funded by DAC. His work is represented in the collection of the Durban Art Gallery and the University of Zululand.


Source: https://www.sahistory.org.za/people/thamsanqa-rutherford-thami-jali 

Thami Jali