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13 Sep 2019 - 15 Sep 2019

LL Editions (Legate Lithography Editions) is a contemporary lithographic studio and gallery based in Johannesburg. We collaborate with both young and established artists from dissimilar backgrounds in producing and publishing fine art original lithographs, whilst helping them achieve their craftsmanship. Our roles include handling the technical considerations such as processing the stones, setting the right inks and paper and editioning the original lithographs.

In our workshop artists get to focus on their creative, intuitive aspects of the project with supervision from our workshop master printer, thus allowing artists to enjoy learning new art techniques.

Ubuntuism Re-enchanted LL Editions will be doing a slight iteration of the Ubuntuism Re-enchanted exhibition that is currently at the 2019 Venice Biennale. Drawing from a poem by Mazisi Kunene, The Rise of Shaka. This exhibition is a re-imagining of the self as a personal entity, as a collective, identity, while paying homage to the generational bricks that built Ubuntu.

In contemporary creations, the artist and master printer harmoniously work together to produce a lithograph, the relationship is one that is so interwoven that it cannot be separated, like threads in a tapestry. LL Editions epitomises this concept. The process that happens in producing a project for the exhibition allows for a re-articulation of oneself through print and collaboration. This mutual kind of investment is essential in order for the work to be transformative and reflect the power of Ubuntuism Re-Enchanted. For participation in the Latitudes Art Fair LL Editions will not only be showing the same artists, but will go through the process of Re-enchanting Ubuntuism again by producing new prints with Nelson Makamo and Nandipha Mntambo. In such a way that the works of Sam, Mbali, and Blessing will be as shown in the images given. But with Nelson and Nandipha the audience can expect a re-re-enchantment.

  Profile Page (Blessing Ngobeni)

  Profile Page ( Sam Nhlengethwa)

  Profile Page (Nelson Makamo)

  Profile Page (Nandipha Mntambo)

  Profile Page (Blessing Ngobeni)

  Profile Page (Mbali Dhlamini)

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